Starchain Medical

A focused company endeavoring for a market growth of selected specialty clinical areas in the country.

Our services

In the continuum of medical technology supply chain, we are very well suited close to the delivery and application of the devices in the clinical environment.


Our success as a team will be achieved in the fulfillment of the customer demand. We are not in here just to import and sell devices, we want our products to be utilized by the professionals to the most and save lives. We know our products well which leads us to give consultations and train physicians.


Medical equipment and spare parts are imported and made available through our company's import office service. Despite the severe currency scarcity, we have significantly increased the number and variety of imported goods we offer. Products from renowned international companies as ERBE, Event Medical, Bistos, Aeonmed, Better Medical, etc. are imported by Starchain Medical PlC. Our primary suppliers hail from the United States, Germany, Korea, and China.

Service and Maintenance

It is our responsibility to ensure that the nature of the equipment is utilized to its fullest potential while also minimizing downtime for our clients' equipment. Biomedical engineers and health professionals are equipped by our training services.

Sales and marketing

Our strategy is specifically designed for each type of product and service. Our Customer-driven approach of marketing makes us different from those using product-driven market approach. We have dedicated sales and marketing personnel for each product line focusing on upselling and package deals.

Our Philosophy

The business philosophy of Starchain Medical PLC emanates from the following core beliefs and values:

Health care service these days is going towards patient specific approaches and therefore medical technology solutions need to be tailored to the needs of each health care service provider and consumer.

Acquiring a medical technology by a given health care facility does not have a value till it is efficiently, rightly and timely utilized by the end user.

Medical device supply chain is like a vaccine “cold chain”; if and when the quality is compromised in any of the supply chain from product development to manufacturing to distribution to its application on the patient, it will either be harmful or useless to the end consumer.

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"Starchain Medical provided excellent customer service. The representative was knowledgeable and helpful, and the machine arrived on time and in perfect condition."
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"We've been using Starchain Medical for all of our medical equipment needs for years. They have a wide selection of equipment, competitive prices, and quick delivery times."
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"We're so glad we chose Starchain Medical for my medical equipment needs. They have a wide selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service."
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