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Starchain Medical Importer & Distributor

A medical devices and supplies importing and distributions company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

About Us

  • Starchain Medical PLC, formerly called Starchain Human Medical Supplies & Equipments Import and established in August 2019, is a medical devices and supplies importing and distributions company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Starchain is a young company with a humble start but with a great vision. We represent reputable world leader medical device manufacturers for the Ethiopia market.
  • Starchain is a focused company endeavoring for a market growth of selected specialty clinical areas in the country.
  • Started with nine employees, out of which three sales person and two service engineers, we continue to hire a dedicated sales and service engineer as we add a product line in our product portfolio.
  • The co-founder and general manager of Starchain Medical PLC, Habtamu Kehali (RT, MPH, MBA), is in the health care sector for about 20 years, of which close to 10 years in the medical device supply area.
  • The management of Starchain Medical PLC includes successful entrepreneurs having more than 10 years business experience in similar industry with a strong financial stand to execute capital intensive projects.
  • The company comes with after-sales service lead business approach targeting the underserved but complex hospital units like critical care, emergency, endoscopy, laboratory, laparoscopy and operation theaters.

Vision & Mission

  • We envision a health care service environment with no gap between health care service providers and the medical technology innovators and manufacturers.
  • We work to create a supply chain continuum through which the quality medical technology is seamlessly accessed and efficiently consumed or applied to the right health care consumers.
  • To be the leading and dependable supplier of excellent quality and complete medical technology products and solutions to hospitals in the region with the best possible customer service.



We do maintain the highest levels of expertise on the products we supply. Our industry skills span from clinical to technology to business and to management.


In the continuum of medical technology supply chain, we are very well suited close to the delivery and application of the devices in the clinical environment.


Already with a wide network of KOLs, hospital owners and doctors. Currently with more than 500 customer contacts with close acquaintance with the majority of the private hospital owners and public hospital medical directors and department heads


Believe in a sales driven by unparalleled after-sales services including PMs and continuous clinical application education on the supplied products.


Socially responsible and envision for affordable, quality and accessible health care in the country.

Focus Area



SPECIALITY AREAS like Urology, Cardiology, and Pulmonology units


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